Pre-order Your “Rosie the Riveter” or “Uncle Sam” T-Shirt and save $5!

This year we have some wonderful new shirt designs for the New Deal Festival!  We asked our friends on Facebook to tell us which designs they liked the best and these are the top two they picked.  You can order these today and pick them up at the festival or we will ship them to you for a flat rate of $3.00.  If you pre-order today, you’ll save $5.00 per shirt and AHI members get an additional discount!

If you’d like to pay with cash or check and pick up the day of the festival or in our office.

Pre-order pricing will be as follows:
$14.95 for AHI members

Day-of sales:
$19.95 for AHI members

*NOTE: Add $2.00 for XXL and $3.00 for XXXL sizes.

Rosie The Riveter - We Can Do It!
Rosie The Riveter – We Can Do It!


Defend American Freedom - Is Everyone's Job
Defend American Freedom – Is Everyone’s Job


Front of shirt:

Front of shirt
Front of shirt