Top 20: Reason #4 (2016)

Want to get under the hood of a vintage car? It’s just another reason to come out and enjoy our New Deal Festival on Saturday, July 9.
4. Check out our Antique Car, Truck, & Tractor show hosted by the Arthurdale Tirekickers Club. See some of Detroit’s classiest machines from the 1920s all the way to hot-rods and muscle cars from the 1960s and ‘70s.

Top 20: Reason #5 (2016)

We’re almost to the end. Why should you and your family come celebrate with us at the New Deal Festival?

5. You can shop local crafts at our crafts markets from more than 15 talented crafters. Buy handmade goods such as jewelry, rag rugs, wooden bowls and kitchen utensils, baskets, art, candles, baked goods, primitives, goats milk soap, and more! See all of our crafters here.


Top 20: Reason #6 (2016)

New Deal Festival is next Saturday!

We are continuing our Top 20 reasons to visit and celebrate Arthurdale with us on July 9…

6. Live music ALL DAY LONG! Enjoy Matt’s Blues play blues, funk, and New Orleans jazz for you. “I believe in music, and I believe in the blues,” Matt Jordan says. “It’s an art form like no other.”